Will Jazzy Jeff Answer My Questions?

Apparently my mate is going to be on BBC 6Music tomorrow with legendary hip hop producer/DJ Jazzy Jeff..

My friend Jethro won a competition and will be talking to the great man between 2.30 & 3 pm tomorrow (April 17th) and sent me a text asking me if I had any questions for Jazzy Jeff. As this is the guy who sampled Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang to such great effect I replied saying that he should ask Will Smith’s best mate what his favourite record to sample is and what the best ever tune to use a sample is (following my two lists on the same topics).

Wonder if he’ll respond?! Here’s the awesome Summertime by Jazzy Jeff (again!) whilst we wait to find out..

YouTube Preview Image
Jazzy Jeff – Summertime


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