Hostelworld Wins A Webby

I love the internet, I really do. Not just the fact that it comes up with things like this & this but because it really is a way of meeting new people and finding things you never would have done otherwise. For instance last year I spoke at SMX London (where I’ll be again in a couple of weeks) and, luckily for me, a couple of people from Hostelworld saw me speak.

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These lovely people were then kind enough to invite me to speak at their own Hostelworld conference which I did & thoroughly enjoyed. Not only was it a great show, but I got to meet some fascinating people including Colm Hanratty, the editor of the site. It was fantastic to meet Colm because not only is he a really nice guy, he’s also putting into practice many of the things that I talk about on a daily basis – involving users with the site (through Twitter amongst other things) and creating content that’s designed with social media in mind (as I’ve explained in the past).

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Anyway, it’s because of all this that I’m so chuffed that Colm & Hostelworld have now won the internet’s equivalent of an Oscar: a Webby. And whilst Colm’s content is obviously created by a brand and isn’t truly UGC, the fact that he won a People’s Choice award goes to show that whilst big brands might be taking over the web, there’s still some room for the little guy.

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Cheers Colm!

Award image by Dave Bullock (eecue)



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