Chuck D – Notice, Know This (Samples Otis Redding)

I downloaded  the new Jay Z & Kanye West album, Watch The Throne, last night and was, after my first listen, rather disappointed. Is this really the best that two of the most successful, innovative and inspiring hip hop artists have to offer? Boasting, girls, n***ers * bling? Much of it with beats & rhythms that sound like they’re out of the Bontempi organ demo songbook.

If it is, I’d rather they retired now and went off and enjoyed their millions in silence. And it seems I wasn’t alone in my disappointment.

True hip-hop legend Chuck D has penned a little riposte to Otis in which Jay Z & Kanye build a track around Otis Redding. I’ll let Chuck take it from here.

YouTube Preview Image

Public Enemy by Thomas Ricker on flickr


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