Tune Of The Day: The Libertines – Time For Heroes

My favourite radio station, BBC 6 Music is 10 years old, and has released the 100 best tunes since its birth: listening to the playlist I stumbled across this by the one-time saviours of music to-be, The Libertines. It still sounds great, but far older than just 10 years (it came out a decade ago this month). But this line will never get old (even if I disagree with the sentiment):

There are fewer more distressing sights than that
Of an Englishman in a baseball cap

6 Music are asking people to vote for their favourite of the 100 songs; a few years ago, I reckon Time For Heroes would have had a good chance. Now, I reckon my vote (All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem) is probably a pretty good bet for the top spot.

YouTube Preview Image

(Assumed) Englishman in a baseball cap by Kelbv on flickr


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