Ciaran At Conferences


Every so often I’m asked to speak at events, and sometimes, though goodness knows why, these get filmed. This page collects some of those from around the web.

SMX, London, May 2009 (Interview)

YouTube Preview Image

I was actually still at Altogether when this was done, though I guess not when they uploaded it.

Media140, London, October 2009

The Guardian covered this one and, needless to say, misquoted me.

#140conf, London, November 2009 (Panel)

Channel 4 News, London, November 2009 (Interview)

Dell Huddle, London, May 2010

Ignite, Dublin, November 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Mindshare Digital, Dublin, February 2011

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

SES, London, February 2011 (Interviews)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

IAB Think Digital, Brussels, May 2011

YouTube Preview Image

Image of me at SMX Sydney, 2011, courtesy of DEJAN SEO

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