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Ray-Ban Envision Tour Hits Manly

I’m very lucky in that many of my friends are much more talented and creative than I will ever be. These include Chris, who used to organise the Shuffle nights that I would occasionally play at, and Tim whose company Our Friends Electric is organising a series of events for Ray-Ban over the coming weeks and has asked me to play some tunes at one of them.

Tonight will see Matt Corby playing in the historic Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney, whilst tomorrow, November 16th, will see a number of  up & coming local acts doing 30 minute sets with me filling in the gaps. The tour is being run off of the back of Ray-Ban’s Envision series, which aims to inspire undiscovered artists by highlighting the great work being done by inspiring people from across the globe, including LA based electronica-artists and Soundcloud superstar RL Grime and street artist Chase.

I start playing at 10am and end, after a number of great bands have played, at 6 and, with what looks to be rather changeable weather, it’s hard to know what to play. But this is the sort of stuff I’m thinking of – why not come along and have a listen? We’ll be opposite The Steyne Hotel on Manly Beach.



Andy Smith Releases Document 4 On SoundCloud

Andy Smith’s Essential Selection mix for Radio 1 is one of my favourite ever DJ sets. Almost as good is his mix album The Document, which led to a number of sequels. And now, years after it first came out, he’s uploaded what would have been Document 4 to SoundCloud so that anyone can have a listen to a previously unreleased masterpiece.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/17521402" params="show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=0040ff" width="100%" height="81" ]

In Smith’s own words:

Delivered to Universal records in 2008 to be released as a double pack CD with Document 1 & 4 (to celebrate 10 years since Document 1) but it never came out – I think Universal just wanted to sell the Amy Winehouse CD to every human being on the planet and couldn’t really be arsed about anything else but hey, thats major labels for you! Its been sitting on my harddrive for 3 years so you may as well hear it.

Smith’s mixes are almost instantly recognisable, so if you like the Document 4, why not head over to Andy Smith’s site and actually pay for some of his music.

And now, because you really shouldn’t need a reason, the 1st track from Andy Smith’s Document 4 mix, LL Cool J’s incredible Mama Said Knock You Out

YouTube Preview Image

Documents by Jeremy Keith on flickr


SEO Disco

DJ image

So I was chatting via email with Tom from distilled and we decided it might be fun to organise a night where a bunch of SEOs and other digital types get together. However, rather than just standing round talking about 301 redirects and making robots.txt jokes* (“so the actress said, didn’t you see that I disallowed that section?”), we’d get some SEOs/digital marketers who like to play records to provide musical entertainment.

I’ve already put some tentative feelers out on Twitter and have had a pretty positive response. Already, if people mean what they say, I’ve got 5 DJs, which would probably be enough for the first night. So what I guess I need to know now is whether people would be interested in coming along to the night (if it goes well, we could try to make it a semi-regular event). It’s likely to be in a bar in Central London (quite possibly Soho) and, I guess, on a Thursday night.

I’d hope that it would be free to get in (though there might be a small charge if we have to pay to hire it) and it’s likely to be a BOOB night (buy our own booze). What’s for sure is that it wouldn’t be worth doing if people aren’t interested. Whilst I can’t guarantee what people might play, I’d guess it would be a mix of funk, soul, maybe a bit of hip-hop and probably a drop of house.

So, what do you think? Fancy seeing if geeks can dance? Leave a comment so I can gauge interest.

PS – I do mean play records by the way. For a digital person, I’m also a massive luddite!

*I love nights like that as well by the way.

DJ image by mahiDoodi on flickr


Laurient Garnier DJing At Worldwide Festival

YouTube Preview Image

Next year I AM going to go to Sète for the Worldwide Festival. Dancing to people like Laurent Garnier, José James, Ben Westbeech & Gilles Peterson on a cliff by the Med? What’s not to like?

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

PS – Check out the little kid getting some tips on how to rock the house.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, check out this amazing jazz reworking of Man With The Red Face…

YouTube Preview Image

Greg Wilson To Play Plastic People

Legendary DJ Greg Wilson is to play his first ever set at London’s Plastic People for new club night Misha….

Misha is a new club night playing the very best in dance music, whether it’s soul, disco, electro, funk, or anything else. And to celebrate their occasional residency at Plastic People they’ve acquired the services of legendary DJ & producer Greg Wilson. Greg retired from DJing in the mid 80s, putting his focus on acts such as the Ruthless Rap Assassins, and masterminding essential compilations such as Classic Electro Mastercuts.

So if you fancy a bit of electro funk and who knows what else, get yourself down to Plastic People on Sunday, April 22nd.


10 Best DJ Mixes

Some people say that there is no skill to being a DJ. But the 10 best DJ Mixes are more innovative & exciting than most of the ‘real’ music being released..

I’ve been taking part in a discussion on MOG to come up with the 501 greatest ever albums and was thinking of adding a DJ Mix (the one that I’ve put at No. 1). I thought that it would probably get rejected so decided to compile my own list of the 10 DJ mixes that changed music (for me at least.)

  1. Coldcut – 70 Minutes Of Madness (Journeys By DJ): An incredible mix of everything from drum & bass, to soul, to the theme from Dr Who. Truly groundbreaking.
  2. Andy Smith – Essential Selection (Radio 1): As the DJ for Portishead he was at the forefront of trip hop & this mix shows why. Jimi Hendrix to The Beatles, with lots in between. It was never released so why not check out The Document, or stream it here.
  3. David Holmes – Essential Mix (Radio 1): Voted one of the best ever Essential Mixes, this is a tour de force in taking old funk & soul and making something new with it.
  4. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist – Brain Freeze: Another marvel of soul, funk & hip-hop. Most of the excerpts barely last a minute, yet it never feels disjointed.
  5. RJD2 – Your Face Or Your Kneecaps: A delightful name for another album making something new out of something old. The mix of old breaks & soul tracks beats any of his own compositions.
  6. James Lavelle – Cream Live 2: A stunning mix of beats, hip-hop & drum & bass. Released at the height of his fame as the Mo’ Wax boss, the scratching was apparently all actually done by The Psychonauts
  7. Gilles Peterson – Desert Island Discs (Journeys By DJ): Gilles has always been at the forefront of contemporrary music, and this album is like a time-capsule from mid 90s London. Drum & bass, house and old soul are mixed seamlessly.
  8. The Psychonauts – Essential Mix: Amazing 3-deck wizards manage to make tunes blend together in a way that seems impossible. Including Oasis’ Wonderwall with breakbeats behind it. No, really.
  9. DJ Premier – The Kings Of Hip Hop: The man behind the beats for Gang Starr puts together a mix of the records that inspired him, and from where he took those beats. 50 Cent & the like should be forced to listen to this.
  10. Bentley Rhythm Ace – FSUK: Part of the much maligned big beat scene, Bentley Rhythm Ace show a very eclectic taste in tunes, and mix up a storming dance floor set.

As you may gave guessed, I’m not much of a fan of house music, so haven’t included any house mixes. If you feel that there are any that I really should have included, then please let me know.

And as a final thought, Morrisey famously once sang “Hang the DJ”. And where is he now? Trading on his past glories like an old pantomime dame, whilst all of these DJ sets sound fresher & more invigorating than anything that he has released in the last 20 years.

UPDATE: An unforgivable ommission:

11. Soulwax – 2 Many DJs (As Heard On Radio Soulwax Vol 2): The mix that really gave birth to the mash-up explosion. Belgian DJ/Producers mix up everything from Nirvana to Basement Jaxx, Salt & Pepa to Iggy & The Stooges. Truly seminal.


Mixed Moods – Future Soul Radio (Sounds like Gilles Peterson)

Mixed Moods Future Soul Radio is an amazing German internet radio site that I recently stumbled upon; if you like Gilles Peterson then you will love this…

I was trying to find somewhere to download the new Ben Westbeech track Nothing Else, and stumbled on to Mixed Moods by accident. I don’t know much about it except that it’s a German guy playing amazing records on a show which you can stream or download.

The type of music he plays is very similar to that played by Gilles Peterson; broken beat, nu jazz, soul, hip hop, etc…. Seriously worth a listen – there’s normally one every month, so if you start now you’ll have four 2 hour shows to keep you going till the next one in December… Why not sign up to the Mixed Moods podcast (here if you’ve got a Mac), and you won’t even have to check for the next one?

PS – You can check Nothing Else on Ben Westbeech’s MySpace page, or buy it on Gilles’ new compilation CD Brownswood Bubblers, but what you should really do is get Nothing Else on limited release 12″. I’ve obvisouly done all three!


Shuffle Set List, Saturday October 7th 2006

Those lovely people at the club night Shuffle invited me down to the Legion again to play some records last Saturday…

YouTube Preview Image

And this is what I played…

  1. Gang Do Tagarela – Melo Da Tagarela (Brazilian funk cover version of Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang)
  2. Chic – Open Up (Norman Jay favourite, from his Good Times compilation)
  3. The TnT Boys – Musica Del Alma (Great Latin soul from the compilation of the same name)
  4. Googie Rene – Smokey Joe’s La La (Sampled by David Holmes on My Mate Paul)
  5. The Bamboos – Tighten Up (Cover of track by Archie Bell & The Drells)
  6. Marva Whitney – It’s My Thing (Sampled by Big Daddy Kane & Cappadonna)
  7. Breakestra – You Don’t Need To Dance (Modern funk on the fantastic Ubiquity Records)
  8. James Brown – Talkin’ Loud & Sayin’ Nothing (sampled by Run DMC on Beats to the Rhyme)
  9. A Hundred Birds – Blackwater (Cover version of classic house track by Kevin Saunderson’s Octave One)
  10. Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (Cover version of instrumental track by The Shadows)
  11. De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (Party Line Mix by CJ Mackintosh)
  12. Michael Jackson vs Q-Tip – Breathe Don’t Stop (Mash-up of Q-Tip’s Breathe & Stop and Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson)
  13. Gnarls Barkley vs Beenie Man – Creezy Hype (Excellent hip-hop/dancehall mash-up by Heatwave)
  14. Deee Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Samples Herbie Hancock’s Bring Out The Birds)
  15. Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You
  16. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Samples Westchester Lady by Bob James)
  17. Aretha Franklin – Eleanor Rigby (Awesome soul cover of the song by The Beatles)

And once again the Hoxton kids seemed to like it!

This is now <a href=”http://open.spotify.com/user/ciaran/playlist/6VMHtYNzUB94S9vVNMOENw”>up (sort of) on Spotify</a>.


Lovebox Weekender – DJ Mix Podcasts

Earlier this summer I went to the rather excellent Lovebox Weekender Festival in London, hosted by Groove Armada…

There were performances from Ben Westbeech, Coldcut, Norman Jay, Jamiroquai and Gilles Peterson to name but a few. And now, to bring back the happy memories, I’ve discovered some podcasts that were done for the Lovebox website.

They inlude mixes by the aforementioned Coldcut, X-Press 2 (whose track Lazy, is another of the tunes covered by Barefoot), Tom Findlay (of Groove Armada) and the excellent hip-hop/funk crew Breakin’s Bread. But the one that has really taken me is by Blacktronica which includes an excellent cover of As, by Stevie Wonder (the 2nd song at my wedding since you asked). But I have no idea who this Stevie cover is by and it’s driving me mad. Have a listen to the Blacktronica mix here, and if you recognise the cover of As, please let me know who it is!


Great summer party hip-hop & house mix

New York based DJ illJazz provides a hip-hop mix to put the summer in everyone’s life…

Well, we lost. But the sun is shining and I’m off on holiday tomorrow. And one thing that I will definitely be taking is a great mix I found. It’s by a guy calling himself illJazz and it’s a proper party mix of hip-hop, soul & house. It starts with a great track by De La Soul and gets better from there.

You can either stream it or download it, but whatever you do, check out illJazz – you won’t regret it….