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Lost Gloves #22 & #23: Woking, Surrey

With the recent clement weather, I really was convinced that my Lost Gloves Project would have to come to an end until the autumn.

However, as has been the case with a number of recent lost glove spottings, I’ve been sent a late batch by a loyal reader. This time it’s my Dad and the fact that he took the time to photograph not just one, but two lost gloves, says a lot about parental love (and the fact that he’s used to these sort of ridiculous ideas that I have.

Anyway, they’re a fine pair of specimens, and whilst I hope that they’re not the last lost gloves this side of winter (though I do hope I don’t need to take out my gloves again for quite a while), if they are to be the final ones of the season, they could be a lot worse. One looks like a much-loved leather glove, of the sort that millions of us own; the other strikes me as being a sign that somewhere in Woking, earlier this month, a builder was trying to work with one hand.


Lost Gloves #20: Notre Dame, Paris

Lost Glove #20, Notre Dame, Paris

Whilst I had a lovely time in Paris last Christmas, there was one thing missing. That, of course, was the fact that I didn’t see any lost gloves whilst there. Luckily for me, the lovely David was there over the weekend and spotted one: being the keen young glover he is, he took the photo you can see above and emailed it to me (which you can also do if you spot a lost glove).

As well as the fact that it’s lovely that four people have now taken the time to send in glove images (though I’ve only been able to use this one and the ones that Stephen took) but being the first international lost glove to appear here, it also reassures me that lost gloves aren’t some sort of British cult, centred on London, which is apparently what this post is suggesting. It’s in Portugese but a couple of kindly souls in the office translated it for me and apparently they link to my blog as proof of the existence of this cult!


Lost Gloves #19: Lammas Lane, Esher

Lammas Lane, the road that runs parallel to Esher High Street and which I have to cross to get to the friendliest pub in Esher, is turning into a bit of a treasure chest in terms of lost gloves.

Not content with serving me up with a pair of lost gloves, draped decoratively on fence-posts, this morning I spotted this one. It was pretty muddy suggesting that it might have been trodden on – a sad end for any glove, especially one which looked, from where I was standing, to have been quite fancy in its day. I’m guessing that one of the elegant middle-aged ladies that decorate Esher is probably a glove short as we speak.


Lost Gloves #14 & #15, Vauxhall & Walsall

I’ve been a bit poor with the Lost Gloves recently, so hope that you’ll accept my apologies and a double-bill which includes this site’s first bit of UGC. The glove above was one I spotted at Vauxhall Station earlier this week. It was bloody freezing that day, so I’m amazed the person in question didn’t notice.

Meanwhile, up in the Midlands, it seems that the same creative urge that makes people in Esher decorate branches with gloves is also strong in Walsall. The photo below was sent in by long-time reader, first time emailer Stephen from Oxfordshire. The tree is just by the Chasewater Vistor Centre near Walsall, so if you’re passing it, let me know if it’s still there.


Lost Gloves #9-#13: London & Dublin

I’ve been a bit slack at keeping the Lost Gloves Project up to date recently but have a bumper crop for you now that I’ve had the time to upload the recent additions. We’ll start with the one you can see above – it’s a work/gardening glove, something I know because I have the exact same set. It’s also the first internationa addition to the project as it was taken in Dublin. It was quickly followed by another Irish lost glove which you can see below.

My girlfriend started laughing when she saw me taking this as she thought that I’d got a bit over-emotional last time I snapped a child’s glove. But I still maintain that seeing a lost child’s glove is like seeing a lost baloon floating across the sky: all you know for sure is that somewhere else, a child is crying. I know you know I’m right. Anyway…

This glove was just outside Waterloo. I was on my way to the pub to meet some friends when I saw this and can only assume that whoever lost it mst have already had a few drinks, because it was absolutely freezing that night and the only reason that you wouldn’t have been wearing the glove is if you had the internal heating that booze brings.

On now to Tulse Hill where another child must have been crying: really, sometimes it’s all just too much. Someone who probably won’t be crying however is the person that lost this plastic glove. Hopefully it was a Doctor or someone who works in a cafe and wears them for hygiene as otherwise I really don’t want to think about why someone would be walking round with gloves like these.


Lost Gloves #8: Great Portland Street

Lost gloves eh? They’re like buses – you wait ages for one, then loads come along at once. And as if that wasn’t enough, it seems like people aren’t content to lose just one glove anymore as this is the second pair of gloves I’ve seen on the street. And, as with Lost Gloves #5, #6 & #1, it seems as if someone thought it might be a nice idea to prop these gloves up, perhaps in case their owner came back looking for them.

And in one final case of coincidence, after my worrying the other day that perhaps I should be trying to return some of these gloves I keep seeing, this morning I noticed a pair of gloves on the floor of the 7.52 from Esher to Waterloo. And, as no-one on the train claimed them, I handed them in to the guard. And in one simple move, my conscience was eased.


Lost Gloves #4: Leicester Square Tube

It was bloody freezing last night and so whoever lost this glove (a lady judging by what appears to be a slight ruff around the edges) must have had one very cold hand. Is it just me or does it almost look, from the way that it is lying, that it came off when the person was running?

It was at Leicester Square tube so I’m guessing that this is one glove that will never find its way back to its owner. And on that thought, do people think that I should start picking these up & handing them in to lost property? It never really occurred to me until just now.


Lost Gloves #3: Church Street, Esher

I was on my way to the cinema this evening to see Quantum of Solace (for the second time, and I managed to miss the beginning for the second time too) when I noticed these just round the corner from my house.

Now, I know that I was only planning to take photos of lone gloves, but that’s mainly because most times that I’ve noticed lost gloves they’ve been on their own. These ones were obviously well & truly misplaced by their owner and the fact that there are two of them just makes up for the fact that I saw another one earlier in the day but wasn’t able to take a photo due to the fact that it was in the middle of the road and I was in a car driving over it.

Oh, and Quantum of Solace is a lot better than the critics said but, as with the first time I watched it (and when I watched Casino Royale on DVD just before Quantum came out) I noticed that I spent a lot of my time admiring the suits worn by Daniel Craig. As well as some of his cardigans, jackets & shoes. I think that means I’m getting old (just in case I wasn’t sure).